Things that I have done

StockUp - Pharma Platform

StockUp is a very dear initiative that I worked on during my time at my postgrad. We created a pharam supply chain procurement solution and a smart blockchain based QR code for tracking and tracing medicines.

Third Block Community

India's first Web3 open forum and community for non-techies. TBC is a platform to help non-tech business folks to break into perceived tech heavy Web3 & Blockchain ecosystem.

Startup - Dreamland

This is the moonshot idea I have about preserving memories in Metaverse, where you can experience same moment of your life again and again, at your will.

Instructor - Analytics Vidhya

I am a Instructor for Blockchain basics and fundamentals on Analytics Vidhya Platform. I have conducted workshops on How Bitcoin works and fundamentals of Blockchain transactions. Check this out.

Business in 4 weeks - StayDesi

I created a dropshipping business in 4 weeks, to sell organic health product online; curated from regional tastes of India

Product Prototype - Online Hotel Booking

Created a prototype for hotel booking cancellation flow. Using API sets offered by Agoda.

Fitsol logistics Website

Curated & designed online presence for Fitsol.

Even - Language learning App

How about a Language Learning application where you can create a customized plan for your workforce to learn & be better at communications

Startup - Kaamgyan

A start up aimed to bridge the gap of skill requirements in tier-2, tier-3 city workforce.

Navi - Story of $100 bn dream 2.0

Case study on how Sachin Bansal went on to create Navi and how he learnt from his mistakes from Flipkart.

Understand Demand Dynamics of Indigo Airlines

Case study on how Indigo airlines functions as one of the market leader in domestic airspace industry and how crucial is demand elasticity for airlines.

Blockchain based Mutual Fund - Siren Nasdaq

Detailed case study of blockchain based mutual fund - Siren Nasdaq NextGen

Moonshot Idea - Galaxy Maps

Hypothetical case study which assumes we are able to create a habitat on moon and this is pitch deck for a viable business from Moon - Galaxy Map from Moon

What is Ditto Insurance ?

Detailed analysis of Ditto Insurance by Finshots, which is backed by Nitin Kamath.

Why Netflix is bleeding ?

Ever wondered why Netflix lost so many users so quickly, first time in their history ? Here's what I think why.

Tshirt Design concept

Nothing case-like but I designed this cool Shirt for my School.

ICICI SuperApp

Created a Internal pitch deck in 2 hours for a Hypothetical SuperApp for retail and corporate banking by ICICI

Dumb version of CRED business model

Created a dumb down mind map version of CRED business model. A simple but strong tool to simplify & understand things

Incubator Program Concept Design

Here's a detailed structure and design for a 16 weeks university incubator program to help startups to go from idea phase to seed phase

How do you revive a dead Business - Blockbuster

Here's a detailed plan and GTM on how Blockbuster video should re-enter in the market with competitions like Netflix and Prime :)

Crazy Product - Elon musk selling toaster

Here's a crazy deck on how Elon musk would sell toasters which I created in less than 45 mins.

Crazy Idea - Zerodha Advertisement on Crypto Investment

Here's a crazy Advertisement I created in 4 hours for Zerodha (they never do ads btw) Crypto Investment Application.

Live Project - GTM for Store My Goods

Created a GTM for a completely new Category extension for Store my goods brand(storage space on demand) and created a kickass Advertisement in 24 hours

Why you need INDMoney ?

Simple conviction deck on why you need to use INDMoney.

Have you seen a Boost ad in Minecraft ?

As part of HUL Case competition I gamified brand integration for Boost in Minecraft game. Instead of plain advertisement, how about playing for Boost ?

How about tracking all assets & Networth ?

Created a GTM strategy for a Hypothetical business idea to track your offline/online assets and net-worth

White Paper on Public Crowdfunding Platform idea

This is a white paper I wrote on a concept of creating a Autonomous crowdfunding platform on blockchain to solve the problem of transparency & tracking

How to Blockchain ?

I took comprehensive blockchain 101 session to understand core of Blockchain architecture and Resources to understand & self learn blockchain technologies